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I believe my workout routine is not like many others. Most of the time people know on what days what part of the body or muscle groups they are working out. Me on the other hand, I try to listen to my body everyday. If on Monday my body is aching from Sundays HIIT session, I will not push myself to do legs. Instead I will make it a cardio day and stretch.

Mostly my week includes 2 cardio sessions, 2 upper body: Either back & shoulders or arms and back. Then at least one leg day & a Sunday HIIT workout we do with our group of people. An one day is OFF, Hallelujah! OF COURSE, there are changes sometimes and it's OKAY. There are weeks when I have 2 days of, or even 3 (rarely) but then I walk crazy much.

Actually no matter what I do and what my workout is I walk a minimum of 10K steps a day & thats my goal.

So the main idea behind this is that you MUST FEEL what you can do & do it then. Push yourself, OF COURSE! But You will be able to push yourself way more on a day when you feel like doing what you do. So even if you decide that today is my cardio day, then do the hell out of it. If its your rest day... don't forget to actually rest and make the most out of that! Enjoy, listen to your body and do your best at it!

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