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The Real Deal Podcast

I live and breathe basketball, I am married to it (quite literally) I work as basketball presenter, so this little project being born is quite a natural step. I am surrounded by interesting people and stories, so i decided to tell them. The podcasts main focus is basketball.

Overseas basketball players with fascinating stories. That can inspire anyone from aspiring young athletes to regular people who are looking to get to know their favourite athletes. My aim is to hear the REAL story. The good, bad and the ugly…  


The real MVP’s is a segment that is so close to my heart. Here, I will try and get the wonderful women of basketball to share their incredible stories. Whether these women are married to the players, are basketball executives, presenters or analysts. These women are power houses and catalysts of big leagues and federations.


 I cannot wait to meet them, talk to them and share the experiences together with you.

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