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Third Trimester - My Pregnancy Journey

Oh boy, third trimester!

I kept saying that I really had a dream pregnancy journey and there was not much to report, but I guess the second half of the third trimester hit me harder than the rest of it, although still I cannot complain too much and say it was absolutely horrible. Maybe due to my high tolerance of being uncomfortable.

So it all started with the obvious- getting way bigger what seemed like every day. Suddenly the belly was so huge that putting underwear on every morning became tough, and I had to wiggle one leg at the time. Lucky we were in lockdown (previous blog post) so I didn't have to put on shoes every day.

Second thing that I have noticed was craving for sweets! I have never wanted chocolate more in my life!! Tried not to eat crazy amounts, but Kinder Bueno or some ice cream was on my menu every day, yeah pretty crazy, haha!

Third, the famous Braxton Hicks (contractions before the real contractions) these bad boys started pretty early on in the third trimester, with innocent belly hardenings, followed by very light contractions around a month till the due date. Then around 1 and a half weeks till due date it was pretty strong that it would wake me up at night and it would be tough to fall back to sleep. So Braxton Hicks combined with the baby on the bladder was making it very tough to get rest. Bullshit I say to the people who told me to ''get some sleep while you can'', it was not possible.

All in all with the big growing boy in my belly and growing of my thighs and double chin it's not a lot to report, haha. To be honest I did not care, and I think no one should care about the weight gain during the pregnancy. Of course, eating healthy is the priority but giving in to some cravings I think is important too!! I tried to move A LOT during the last months, especially because of the lockdown, so I cooked, cleaned, worked out and try to do as many steps as I could during the day. It's crazy because having to stay at home during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy is not ideal. I am glad as I am writing this the lockdown is over (for now) but the future is still in the unknown.

I truly hope my Labour story blog will not take another 3 months to come out!! (Our summer has been way too busy)

Thanks for reading,


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