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Second Trimester - My Pregnancy Journey

Now looking back at the second trimester it was the time that passed so fast and smooth! I know ERRRRyone is saying how second trimester is the easiest and it's the time to enjoy pregnancy because there is no more morning sickness and the symptoms that usually occur in the first trimester (I had none of those anyway), but also the feeling of security that comes after the 12 week mark puts one at ease.

Here I will probably not tell you anything new or crazy interesting that happened during my second trimester. Baby started kicking around week 20-23 which was so soft and light, but so magical at the same time that would make me so happy. You kinda start REALLY believing that there is a life inside you and it is a beautiful feeling.

Physically, I felt amazing! The belly is visible already, but not big enough so it makes everyday tasks difficult yet.

Funny thing, some nights I would wake up hungry, usually around 3-4am and I knew that if I am not going to eat something I will not be able to fall back to sleep. So I would wake up and go have a banana and a glass of water and right back to sleep. Eventually I would just put a banana and water next to my bed, so I would not need to get up from the bed. LIFE HACK haha!

Other than that, the workouts proceeded as usual, even though I have traveled quite a bit during this time, but walked so so much even if I didn't make it to the gym. To be honest I didn't feel like I wanted to sit and chill a lot, but also I wasn't too eager to go to the gym all the time. So walking was by far my favourite form of exercise.

I am grateful I had a lot of energy and I managed to travel a bit.

In december I went to Lithuania for a week, to watch the basketball game, since Brock was playing Zalgiris Kaunas, his former club & my former work place. Lithuania was cold, but I enjoyed myself seeing a lot of my friends and just chilling.

The second place was London, went to see my friends, shop a little bit AND walk... when I say walk I mean average 15km a day! It was crazy but also soooo nice to be in my favourite city in the world. Another trip I made was to Denmark to visit my parents & little brother at home, surprised my mom, who I thought was going to get a heart attack haha!! The best few days spent with them & of course my best friend who also lives in Denmark.

Lastly, I have started buying baby things during the second trimester, not crazy much but surely got some in every country I went to, since there were different stores that I loved. All I am gonna say is that this baby will be stylin since day one!

Thanks for following my journey, there is always more on my Instagram



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