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The First Trimester - Pregnancy Journey

The first pregnancy is a blessing and also a journey you sign up for that is full of unknown paths and turns. I am aware and understand that every journey is very individual and very different. I am not here to judge or be judged, I am simply sharing my journey as it goes on. I am not an amazing writer, simply trying to tell my story like I would to a good friend.

It is worth while noting that I consider myself lucky, very lucky actually, because the symptoms that I would usually hear about during the first three months of pregnancy are not known to me. In order to remember how I felt and what I was going through I have started a journal, writing a few times month.

Firstly, I should say that I was feeling like any other day for a few weeks after we have found out. I have even started to train with a basketball team (first two trainings so it was really none contact and just running & shooting) and was happy to be doing playing again. After too practices my body clearly screamed at me saying, that's a bit too much. I had to stop basketball and any gym activities altogether, doctors orders. I guess the less I did the more tired I felt too. So for a few weeks I took it slow and rested A LOT.

Tiredness is really the only major symptom that I was quite a few of my days were: Breakfast, nap, snack, NETFLIX, lunch, a short walk somewhere, NETFLIX, nap, cuddling with my husband, NETFLIX, more food.

I have had the slightest nausea if you can even call it that, when I would be hungry. So I just always made sure I had snacks with me if I went somewhere, and ate at appropriate times to feel full.

I have to admit that the food I wanted was not always the healthiest, but I let myself have whatever I felt like and instead tried to balance it out with healthy meals and colourful smoothies.

Another thing when it came to food was that it was very difficult to figure out what I wanted. One minute I was feeling like Indian food, another I hated it and didn't want to smell it at all, I had that with majority of foods, except this one simple, very lithuanian-like salad that I would make at home. It's super easy and quick: tomatoes, cucumber, onion with kefir (or yoghurt) salt and pepper.

I would say the first trimester was an emotional rollercoaster: food wise, mood wise and all the rest. I am very happy to have experienced all of it and looking forward to what the second trimester will bring, will keep you updated;)


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