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PIcture: Me with the coffee, my dad & my mom.

Last weekend I have spent in Denmark visiting my family. My mom, dad and little brother live there. We have moved all together when I was around 16 years old. But since I cannot stay in one place for long I have been living in London for 4 years & now in Lithuania for almost 2 years. I am very familiar with the feeling of missing the family. It has grown on me, but I believe that it is not necessarily a bad thing. We lead different lives and lifestyles but at the end of the day we are all like one. Thought the good and the bad. I love love love those early mornings when I wake up at home (parents place although I call of places my home) my mom or dad makes me a coffee & I get in my parents bed for a nice chat and a catch up about the things that happened while we were away from each other. Even though I spend a lot of time having a long phone conversations with my parents its still different when you are all together :) So this ritual is my favourite, we get some quality time, enjoying each others company & the morning coffee. It also reminds me of when I was a kid (back then with no coffee). I love my little brother sadly he is not in the pic but at this point he is not interested in our talks yet. He is 16 and wants to be independent and on his own or with his friends most of the time. I do miss him every day and it is crazy how he grew up without me noticing.

I am very grateful to have my family & so loving, fun and understanding.

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