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Work trip to Milan: left my baby boy at home

This three day trip involved a lot of firsts.

First work trip with EXCITING! There was a small BUT, I had to leave Maverick at home with my mom and grandma (they were visiting us in Monaco). Which was the very first time me leaving him EVER. I will be honest as excited as I was to go and work and be without him for a little, the beginning of the trip included tears and feels of guilt.

On the bright side, the sadness soon faded as my train stopped in Milan and the business of work started. Met up with the wonderful colleagues who had me laughing most of the trip. 3 days flew by and it was awesome to interview our friend Bryant Dunston whos interview is my FAVOURITE one to this day. Not to mention Kyle Hines, of course, his way of talking is so calm and makes the conversation so easy. Very polite and wise man. It was a huge pleasure to talk to both of these players.

Here are the interviews & Milan vlog for you to see!



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