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We are living in JAPAN!

How crazy is that! I have not thought that this day will come, ever. It seemed so far and I never really thought about Japan as a possibility to live and for my husband to play. Until recent year. As we both absolutely love the Euroleague and the European basketball I just thought we will be living in Europe for another year or two. But life had other plans for us. Brock's team in Monaco made it very difficult for him to play and show his talent the last season. It is an unfortunate situation, because then other teams during the off season are looking at you as possibly not capable of playing, while simply there was a bad fit, the coach did not believe in him and in turn would not let him play much. I always say that clubs and agents should not only look at the last season of the players performance but also the previous ones. But this all is for us to know and remember and in the end of the day some coach who doesn't believe in you does not to impact your confidence in the long run.

Japan was an easy choice. The team here offered a contract early in European off season, and Brock did not want to wait any longer for some teams in Europe will make their decisions.

Here we are in Japan now! Enjoying very different kind of basketball, but the one where Brock gets to play, and that is was his main wish.


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