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Loneliness in Japan

AS much as I absolutely love new experiences and never had a problem adapting to new environments, Japan is a different cookie to crack.

I have learned to be alone and comfortable with that early in my life, as I never had a problem going places alone, exploring and taking on new adventure. What I have always had to though is friends who I could always spend time with if I wanted. Meeting for coffees, walks, parties, museum visits. From Denmark, to London, to Lithuania, Turkey, even Valencia and Monaco. All these places we lived, more or less there was always someone I could talk to, drink coffee, enjoy a human connection. In Japan it has been different. First thing is that not many people speak english and I do not know Japanese, which puts me in a position where there are very few people I could talk to. Second, this year the foreign players either have NO wives or girlfriends or they choose not to live in Japan. I guess having basketball wives around always would give that option of having someone there to discuss basketball, fashion, or have a coffee with and rant about stuff (You know it feels good sometimes).

The feeling of loneliness is breathing down my neck every day. ESPECIALLY, on the week stretches when Brock is gone to play away games. I always knew that even though I am comfortable being alone for periods of time, I have always craved the social interaction. It keeps me alive. It gives me energy and inspiration. Today I find myself struggling to get out of sweat pants some days. I lost the love of wanting to dress up and put make up on. To look nice for myself. The dark thoughts come and I just think why. There is NO ONE I will see, no one is there to ask me how I am going really and listen long enough. OBVIOUSLY apart from my husband, who is my best friend and I love spending time with him, but I am talking about having social life outside.

I always try to live in the moment and enjoy, and if I pained the picture in very dark colours, its not like that every day. I do catch myself thinking, dreaming and waiting for May when I could finally hug my friends and laugh at stupid things together.

At the same time, I am trying to give myself a kick in the butt when these sad feeling come around. I do live in an amazing country, that I want to explore. In the city of Sapporo, that has so much to offer. So I do try to take one day at the time and go explore, eat different and delicious food, drink the tasty matcha and observe the life that Japanese people are living.

I am happy that we have Maverick here with us to bring light and laughter to us every day.

I will later on share some of the things I do to fight the loneliness and what really works.

Thank you for reading,

Sending love from Japan,



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