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Back to work

The job offer came very unexpected but it made me so very happy.

Short story: I got a text and then a call from someone I knew, telling me that want me for their new project! At first I got so excited, but tried to calm myself down just out of fear that if somehow will not work out. Luckily, a few months later we were talking, planning and executing my first show.

And One is an interview series with the biggest stars of Euroleague basketball, where we chat about the fun things in life, family, travel, career, childhood, even cars, food & swaggy stuff! I am personally in love with the concept of talking the players out of their comfort zones of talking basketball, and letting their fans know a different side to them. The more personal side.

ALSO I will be traveling to the main Euroleague cities, how cool is that!!

The start of my ''back to work'' journey started in Monaco, where the basketnews team came to where we live!

Here is a short vlog of how it went:

I am so grateful for this opportunity to be back doing work that I love.

If you have seen the interview and have any cool ideas or comments, let me know on my Instagram!




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