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30 Random Facts About Me

It’s was my BIRTHDAY a few days ago! I am still not sure if I am excited or not but inevitably the front digit 2 changed to 3. Dirty 30 WHATEVER! For this occasion I decided to write some random facts about myself. So here:

  1. I love to sing but I am way way out of tune 💆🏼‍♀️

  2. Naturally I am quite a positive person

  3. Hate stupid people ❌

  4. I love seafood🍤

  5. Hate unfairness

  6. Basketball has been my favourte sport since I was around 10

  7. Coffee is something I look forward to EVERY morning ☕️

  8. My favourite fruit watermelon and cherries, I can also have pretty much anything in that flavour 🍉🍒

  9. I love pickles 🥒

  10. I broke my left pinkie while playing basketball & it looks weird. Most likely I continued to play for 3 quarters of the game..

  11. I really enjoy walking & being outside. There is no bad weather, just bad clothing

  12. Being active makes me feel amazing 🤸🏼‍♀️ Even though sometimes I struggle with motivation too. Especially, after Mav

  13. I get angry pretty fast. Let it go even faster 😤

  14. Unless you are on my shit list, then you are fucked, haha

  15. I love healthy food, even if sometimes certain things might not taste amazing, I will eat/drink if I know it’s good for me 🥦

  16. I am a morning person ☀️

  17. I don’t trust people who never use swear words

  18. The most stressful thing for me is being late. I HATE being late. This makes me quite punctual ⏰

  19. One of the countries I would love to visit is Japan 🇯🇵

  20. My habit that my husband HATES: I often leave milk or water bottle cap open after I use it 👀

  21. Dream of climbing Machu Picchu one day⛰

  22. If I could live anywhere on the planet, it would be somewhere on the beach 🏝

  23. I have one tattoo (Want one more)

  24. I kinda collect crystals from places I visit

  25. My fist job ever was: washing dishes at the restaurant. I was not amazingly happy with it, but I loved the pay days 💸

  26. When I was a child I wanted to be an interior designer 🏺

  27. I can speak 3 languages. Danish was the hardest to learn, and I am still FAR from good

  28. The most boring sport to watch is: golf, cricket 🏏

  29. People who think they know it all or/and think that the world revolves arounds them annoy me

  30. I am scared of snakes 🐍




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