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Baby Motum is on the way!!!

Yay!! I am 16 weeks pregnant already, this blows my mind!!

We are beyond excited and at the same time it is hard to believe. We keep telling each other ''you know we are having a baby!!!'' then laugh at how crazy it is!

WE have been planning to get pregnant around this time and what do you know, it happened, we feel very lucky.


To be honest after a month or two of actually following my ovulation and trying for a baby, this was the month I have least expected to get pregnant. Because during the ovulation we were traveling from Australia to Spain, loads of packing and exhausting trip were not the ideal getting pregnant situations. But here we are now!!!

Around a week before my missed period my boobs started hurting, and its not usually a case for me. When I told my husband about it first he laughed and said: ''Of course they hurt, because you are pregnant!!''. Little did we know that he was right.

Since I have been tracking my basal temperature for the last 6 months previously, with ''Natural Cycles'' app, where the algorithm lets you know when you will have your period and all that. So on the day when it didn't come, I thought I will take a pregnancy test ''just in case''. But there was another problem, I woke up early that day (and we know that morning tests are the most accurate) BUT my husband was still sound asleep, and he has previously insisted that he be around when I take a test, haha!! So I was wondering if he would be disappointed if I did it without him. I know he is next level clingy hahhaha, I love him!!

Long story short, I thought I would do the test and turn it around right away so I dont see the result and then when he wakes up we check it together (inclusion at its best), but as my idea was very thoughtful I could not execute because the positive test line came RIGHT AWAY!!!

I felt kinda bad then that I did the test by myself but also in my head I kept saying it cannot be it cannot be that I am pregnant.. I was pacing around the house for a few minutes until I actually went and woke Brock up. I could not wait any longer and keep it to myself!! 30th of August was a happy happy day!

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