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Best CARDIO during the summer

I personally have lived in countries that do not have crazy hot summers. Yes, there are days and weeks that are very hot but then the temperature falls or the wind or the rain starts. So I cannot complain that it is impossible to do cardio.

I am a fan of sweating. I love when I know that I have done a great workout & sweated enough. But since my knee cannot take as much running as I would like I decided to try swimming!

The longer I was in the pool the more tired I was getting & yes it's logical but after all the laps my legs were jelly. AND YES I LOVE THAT FEELING! So although I did not take swimming as a priority for cardio ever before, I certainly do now.

Its probably because I am not an excellent swimmer that's why I never prioritised the pool. But on the hot days when you should not push yourself too hard anyway, because the heat is doing its job making it more difficult for your body to do any tasks. Working out in the summer we all should be extra safe. HYDRATE MORE. USE SUNSCREEN. DON'T OVERDO IT.

This is where the swimming comes in! Still need to hydrate but, the H2O sure as hell will cool you down. Not to mention that it is a great cardiovascular exercise & the weightlessness reduces impact on your joints!

Go ahead boys & girls, dive in!

Be safe,


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