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Seafood & Veggie HEAVEN

I know I have never mentioned my LOVE for seafood but it is REAL! Although I have forgotten about cooking it at home because I have a big man who is not much into seafood, so I just cook things that we both eat. Then the seafood gets pushed to the times when we are eating out. But then I realised that I cannot live like this, hahah! So here I present you this wonderful meal, that is very low in carbs, BUT you can always add brown rise or lentils on top! But the on I have made in the pic I had a mixture of legumes: Brown rise, red rise, lentils, pumpkin seeds. This is a pre mixed pack that I buy! No worries though as all of the dishes I make there is so much space for adding you favourite pieces.


2 Big Carrots

1 Zucchini

2 Cloves og Garlic

1 Small Onion (if you like)

I have used 300 grams of prawns, you can ALWAYS use more of those heavenly creatures!

If you are using rise or legumes than have that cooked and ready. 1 Glass of that would be great

Spices & all:




Olive Oil

Grate the carrots, cut the zucchini, garlic and onion. Add them to the hot pan and put the prawns in there. If you are using the rise and carbs (do it!) add them as well and cook till the veggies start getting a little softer. ATTENTION: Do not overcook your veggies, EVER!

This is it, easy! To be honest grating the carrots takes the most of the time, otherwise it is fast, so perfect for post workout meal, when you are hungry and getting hangry...


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