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This is not a promotion of any kind. Just simply sharing my opinion. The question is how long can a fitness tracker motivate one to exercise? Or can it at all?

My story is that I have never really lacked motivation to workout or be active. I love going for long walks when its decent warm outside. I actually fell in love with biking, so that was my transportation to work for about 4 months last summer/autumn. I could easily count the days I did not take the bike to work. And those days were actually when I would leave my bike at work because it was pouring with rain outside, so I would catch a ride with my colleague. BUT the next morning I would WALK to work. Obviously it would take me an hour instead of the 20 minutes biking. I used to track how many kilometres I would bike in a day & so on. The app I was using was not the best, sometimes it would just decide to turn off & I would realise that it has not been tracking my ride only when I was at work. So basically that sucked.

Going for summer walks with my friend would be lovely, and just to be sure we would not walk to track. We walked because we have a lot to talk about, because sitting down and having a coffee is not always nice. So we would choose the walking option.

Imagine two girls blabbing on & loosing track of time, just walking. After we are back to reality it would amaze us to see how long we have walked. 24km was our high during the afternoon. But again the phone trackers I don't trust them. (FYI these would be the weekends :))

While this all was just my usual activity getting my very own fitness tracker has pushed me even more. Starting with the morning walks I would go on in winter when it's -6 outside (sorry, when its more than that I would choose a treadmill). I make sure I walk places even when it's cold or windy. I take the stairs WAY more often now. Altought, I was never the elevator person. Now I even race my boyfriend to the 4th floor where we live. AND guess what I ALWAYS WIN! The green accomplished daily targets gives me this satisfaction that I was not sure was possible. I want to do more, walk more, bike more. Seeing it all in one tracker, one app makes it so easy & convenient!

So when I thought that nothing car really motivate me more, there it is my FitBit, getting me off the couch in the evenings to walk a lap around the block on the slower days, and sometimes even going for a tour around the apartment so I can sleep calmly knowing I have made it yet another day accomplishing the daily goal. Thank you for that :)

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