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Pimp my porridge

It's it all about that champions breakfast. Eating porridge in the morning is a great source of energy for the rest of the day. I have also noticed that I don't feel like snacking at random times & can easily get all the way to lunch time without feeling hungry. But the porridge maniacs also know that it can get SO BORING.

I had to take a break from porridge breakfast for almost 1.5 years. Just had way too much of it at some point.

But it is less likely that you would get tired of yours if you keep being creative with your add ons!

So the first twist is fruit. The most popular one is banana I assume. Boring. Go crazy add mango, kiwi, berries or apple.

Add some seeds for the health: pumpkin, sunflower, sesame. Another trick is not just to add peanut butter on the porridge when it's done, but put it in the last minutes of cooking, it melts deliciously ;)

The green powders are my usual:

Matcha green tea Chlorella Spirulina

or Wheatgrass

I mix and match them all the time in smoothies and breakfast. It is really as simple as that, just be creative and make you porridge your canvas

With all the <3 for the breakfast

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