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Homemade BURGERS

So I rarely feel like having a burger, but when I do I surely will not go for something fast or take away. On those occasions when I crave it there is a perfect solution - HOMEMADE BURGERS.

I like to eat the food when I know whats put in there. So no crazy taste enhancers or other nasties that I am doing my best to stay away from. These turkey burgers were one of the greatest I have tried! RECIPE:

Burger: Whole grain burger buns Salads Pickles (My absolute favourite) Tomatoes Onions (I caramelised them in a pan with some sugar)

Organic turkey patties: Organic turkey Chopped onion Seasoning

Frying on coconut oil *They are cooked very easily so do not leave them in the pan for too long or they will get dry

Vegetable fries: Beetroots Carrots Potatoes Chop it the way you like it, its all up to you;) Seasoned it with salt, pepper & rosemary, also added olive oil

Sauce: Mayo (with no preservatives OFC) Organic tomato paste, can use ketchup as well! Garlic, paprika seasoning & salt Here you gooo!!! Enjoy

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