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I hate RUNNING that's why I RUN

I know I know i have a weird logic. But take a second to understand. I hated running when it's just plane running. I love playing basketball where you run a lot but you have to think and keep you head in the game 100%. When you run outside or on the treadmill it's only you and your thoughts. Most of the time my thoughts tell me to stop running and don't pretend that I enjoy it.

It is different this time, I have a goal!

That both excites me & scares me VERY much. I want to run a half marathon and I think there is no better time than present. First I would prove myself that I can do anything if I set my mind to it. This is important because my mind is racing most of the time, I have so much going on in my head that it is hard to focus sometimes, and I see running as sort of help to calm down. Put my thoughts in order, plan & daydream. Not to mention, the fitness benefits that running brings & I love me some of those! OK OK and there is the last one. I really envy people who can just run. Lace up & get going into the horizon without a slightest doubt about their fitness and willpower. These are the main reasons why I have decided to challenge myself with 17 weeks of training.

I <3 challenges!

What's your challenge this year?


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