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PLANKING everyday of the year

Yes, you read it right. I am not talking about hours of planking tho. One of my goals this year is to plank a minute every day for the month of January & increase it my 30 seconds as the months go. NOTE: I plank 30 seconds at the time so I am not trying to do it the longer I can. I have read some research saying that the longer you plank it is not necessary better. This is because the prolonged holds can reduce muscle oxygenation in the core muscles and this has been linked to the lower back pain. & I DON'T want that.

So in January I have planked almost every day, except the week when I was sick. That week really threw me off, but I guess I needed to get that flu out of the way. Also there has been couple of time when I forget to plank one day. So instead I plank double the next day. I am trying to get it into my routine to do it every morning, so it becomes a habit.

P.S. For those who are not sure what a plank is, it's in the picture. Also the only plank that counts it the real deal, so do not put your bums too high - it makes it easier:) This exercise works out abs, back & core. Supports proper posture & helps with balance! So JUST plank <3 Who is with me?

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