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These pictures have 7kg difference one was taken two years ago, the other today! Personally I can see a lot of change obviously in the way I look but most importantly the way I feel. Over the years I went through the ups & downs in my life. It really reflected in my lifestyle. Although I was always choosing the healthy options when it came to food, I would workout quite regularly. There was the other side to that. The parties, wine & drinks, sleepless nights & it all felt like such a misbalance.

Now I feel like I am over the crazy days. I barely drink. Actually I know exactly how many times I was partying since March last year. And I am not missing out, I still have fun but that doesn't have to involve drinking. AND NO I am not saying that I NEVER drink, just that the times I am partying are VERY rare. Something just changed. It feels like there is a balance in my life now. Food, workouts, love, friends - it all falls to places perfectly. Yes, I do workout differently and I think I have learned a lot since I have started my #fitnessjourney. It was never about loosing weight, it was about getting #fit & I surely need to keep working but I fell like I am on the right track now! I am #happy that by trying out different workouts & foods myself I have came to the point where I know what suits my body best!

Enjoy your journey & always listen to your body <3

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