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Hi there,

So yesterday was an amazing day! I worked out twice. Remembered the good old basketball days when I would have a training before and after school. Well now I am older and trying to get to a better shape every day. So my late morning consisted of a light recovery run (see pic) & a little stretch after that! I am so full of energy lately its amazing. I would guess it is because I am getting myself into a nice workout rhythm I sleep well & eat healthy as well.

Later that day, after a power nap I went on with training. This time was a boxing workout at the gym. NOTE: I have not done boxing for around 3 years. IT WAS SO COOOL! I love the workouts that make you give your all & this one surely did! TODAY is a little tough because my back muscles are pretty sore, but its what reminds me how hard I have worked :)

I truly believe that it is not that difficult to kick your ass and get your healthy journey started. In the upcoming posts I will try and write down the things that motivate me, maybe it can inspire YOU too. Till then I am going to try and walk of my soreness & get back to the gym tomorrow! P.S. You can find more about my day, my workouts & meals on my Instagram: @MissMarmaite LOVE yourself, MM

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